Offshore Fishing Report – July 6, 2018

The reality is that everyone is waiting for someone else to go south of the Vineyard and report back that they caught fish, but if you want to catch fish, you have to burn a little gas. Doug Asselin had group come in and they went south of the island, but after finding no bait and no sign of tuna or other fish, they elected to go sharking the next day.


Offshore Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

Prior to things getting dicey on Tuesday, a few more giant bluefin were caught up on Stellwagen; livelining bait such as mackerel or bluefish has been the way to go. Out east, the bluefin have generally been smaller from Crab Ledge to the Regal Sword and up off the Golf Ball, with a good number of people targeting them with spinning tackle.