Video: 350-pound Blue Marlin at West Atlantis Canyon


Capt. Larry Backman and the crew aboard FV Skipjack headed to West Atlantis Canyon this past weekend, successfully deep-dropping for 4 swordfish and landing this 350-pound blue marlin, one of the most coveted offshore species in the world.

Capt. Larry describes an epic Canyon trip in his own words:
“We just had a 5 billfish trip, 4 small swordfish and an estimated 350 pound blue marlin. We fished an aquarium full of iridescent pelagic fish, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, skipjack and amberjack, catching till our arms were tired and we all mutually said “enough”. We took a 16 year old on his first trip to the wonderland of the New England offshore canyons and handed him a rod connected to a blue marlin and watched him release it boat side.”

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