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Join us each week as Capt. Dave Peros combines his own experience on the water with that of his network of Cape Cod & Islands charter captains, recreational fishermen and tackle shops to create the region’s most comprehensive weekly fishing report.

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Cape Cod Weekly Fishing Report: July 13 – 19

Weekly Fishing Report – July 13 to July 19, 2024



This week presented challenging weather conditions, including thick fog and high winds, particularly on Nantucket. Despite these obstacles, anglers experienced consistent striper fishing at Great Point and Eel Point, with bucktail jigs and dark-colored soft plastics proving effective. Shore anglers found success from Cisco to Madaket/Smith Point, using live eels and various lures. Bluefish activity increased at Great Point and Eel Point, enhancing shark fishing opportunities, with sandbar (brown) sharks providing exciting action.

Martha’s Vineyard

On Martha’s Vineyard, improved weather later in the week made fishing more accessible. Small baitfish like sand eels and silversides were prevalent, contributing to a productive fishing environment. The best bluefish action occurred around Wasque, with fish averaging eight to ten pounds. Striped bass activity was reported on the north shore, with needlefish and swimming plugs being effective, alongside live eels. There were also decent bass bites around Squibnocket and Devil‚Äôs Bridge/Gay Head. Bonito fishing was successful down Aquinnah/Gay Head way, with deep-running minnow-style plugs, and trollers using pink or bright chartreuse swimmers around Wasque.

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Cape Cod Weekly Fishing Reports July 6 – 12

Salty Cape Podcast:

Catch this week’s episode of The Dave and Mike Show! Dave and Mike discuss fishing reports & dive into techniques, tips, fishing etiquette, walks down memory lane, and a fair amount of chop-busting!



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The Dave And Mike Show: Fishing Report Pod Cast Video: July 12, 2024

Dave And Mike Show: Fishing Report Pod Cast Video: July 12, 2024


  • Fishing Recap:¬†Captain Mike and Captain Dave discuss their week’s fishing, noting difficult conditions with heavy fog and wind but still managing to catch small striped bass.
  • Fishing Tips:¬†Emphasize the importance of adjusting techniques based on conditions, including changing flies and using different lures for small fish.
  • Schoolies Definition:¬†The debate about what qualifies as a schoolie, highlighting that smaller fish (20 inches or less) are true schoolies, not larger ones.
  • Bait Observations:¬†Observations about small bait presence, such as krill and tiny silversides, influencing the fishing strategies.
  • Fishing Techniques:¬†Discussion of techniques like the Poppin’ Fly and using clear poppers to attract fish, along with adaptations for different fish sizes and behaviors.
  • Ground Fishing:¬†Insight into effective ground fishing strategies, focusing on structure and live bottom indicators for species like seabass and fluke.
  • Inshore and Offshore Cape Cod Fishing:¬†Exploration of the diverse fishing opportunities in Cape Cod, emphasizing the variety of species and fishing structures available.
  • Seasonal Patterns:¬†Discussion of the unique micro-seasons in Cape Cod fishing, highlighting the importance of understanding seasonal and bait patterns.


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