The Dump #451

The dump is a relatively wide area, comprised of a 10×10 mile square and is considered by many
to the furthest of the “inside” offshore spots.

You’ll often hear people talking about the Dump relative to its corners, i.e. SE, NE, SW, NW
Corners. There isn’t a huge amount of structure in the various places, but somehow seems to be
at the epicenter of warm water eddies that move in from the gulf stream and therefore is well
known for a mix of yellowfin, bluefin, mahi and marlin. It also takes second position to the
closer spots for shark fishing as a result of fewer contour lines and structure that can hold bait.

The Dump has held the most YFT, Albecore, and wahoo in recent years, as well a large number
of very large mahi mahi. If there is a good warm break near the dump and you have the range,

A Couple Tips to Get You Started:

  1. Troll over what semblance of structure the Dump has. See #1 and #2
  2. Always troll on the side temp breaks. The Dump is really the Southernmost spot “South of
    MV” that’s considered “inside offshore” and often has some epic temperature breaks.
  3. Troll near “high-flyers” here in any pattern if the water is “blue” from the Gulfstream
    eddies that often-come in. Yes, there will be mahi mahi, but often high-flyers hold an
    entire food-chain.

  • Approx. Lat & Long:

o NW Corner: 40° 50′ N, 70° 59.75′ W
o NE Corner: 40° 50′  N, 70° 45.00′ W
o SW Corner: 40° 40′ N, 70° 59.75′ W
o SE Corner: 40° 40′ N, 70° 45.00′ W

  • Best Known for: Yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, mahi mahi
  • Best tide: Varies