The Claw #450


The Claw is a highly underrated offshore post because it is so close to many Cape Cod and South Coast locales. It is best known for early season Makos and Bluefin tuna but can also hold yellowfin, white marlin and mahi later in the season. This spot can be loaded with bait. If there is bait at the claw, then there is fish at the claw.

Trolling: Bait found inside of fish caught here often includes butterfish, small squid, sand eels, hake and small mackerel. The most popular lures here mimic these baits. Top lures here include green machines in traditional green and rainbow, rigged ballyhoo and tinker bars. There is often small bait here, so your best bet is to keep the lure size small unless bigger bait is visibly present in the area.

Casting: If the water temp is 70 degrees or warmer, be sure to look for structure that may hold some mahi mahi. I always have a two spinning rods rigged and ready for this spot as you often see breaking fish here. One with a metal jig for busting tuna and another with a soft bait for a cruising white marline.

Drifting: Many anglers drift for sharks here. It’s an excellent place for a combo trip. Depending on the drift, I’ll start on opposing ends of the claw and make my drifts the best I can over structure.