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Offshore Fishing Report – June 14, 2019

Things are really only starting to get interesting offshore, although as long as a couple of weeks ago a boat out of Falmouth made the run to the canyons and found plenty of life. There are tuna out east of Chatham, in the vicinity of the Figs. These are big fish, well into the giant category, and folks are either trolling ballyhoo or livelining mackerel.


Offshore Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

The giant bluefish fishing up around Stellwagen remains very good; although I was told that the October quota was filled, I couldn’t confirm that by checking the NMFS website. I did hear that some folks had to pay to have their fish shipped overseas, perhaps indicating a glut in the Japanese/Asian market.


Offshore Fishing Report – October 5, 2018

The bluefin fishing up around Stellwagen “has been stupid.” Fish are being caught on live bait, trolled ballyhoo, and topwater stickbaits, like the Hogy Charter Grade Slider. Most of the fish continue to be in the 80 to 100+-inch range, with a 60-incher consider a small one at the moment.


Offshore Fishing Report – September 13, 2018

Giant bluefin bite remains good out east of Chatham and up in Cape Cod Bay. Spin anglers have also been getting shots at breaking fish chasing halfbeaks in the bay as well as off the backside from the Golf Balls to Nauset. Apparently, these tuna aren’t school or even smaller medium school fish, but often are just shy of the 73-inch giant minimum.


Offshore Fishing Report – September 7, 2018

The giant bluefin bite out east remains good, with fish caught recently on live bait such as mackerel; trolled ballyhoo, both naked and skirted; and darker colored bars. There are numerous reports of halfbeaks/Atlantic sauries flying out of the water, usually a sign that they are being harassed by fish such as tuna.


Offshore Fishing Report – August 31, 2018

Out on Stellwagen Bank, some very large bluefin tuna were caught this week, including Capt. Cullen Lundholm’s 1130 pounder. Fishing dead bait and throwing soft plastics like the Hogy Pro Tail on spinning gear have been the effective techniques for fish ranging from 200 to 1000 pounds.


Offshore Fishing Report – August 23, 2018

Cooper Gilkes at Coop’s on the Vineyard said the tuna bite never started south of the island as the fish down south never moved up. He did say that there are good numbers of mahi around all of the high flyers, with some white marlin being caught on scup or ballyhoo. From the shipping lanes to Veatch, there are still some blue marlin taking lures or skirted ballyhoo, explained Billy O’Connor at Falmouth Bait & Tackle in the Teaticket section of Falmouth, but the really monster bigeye have moved, with a large fish running about 100-pounds.


Offshore Fishing Reports – August 16, 2018

South of the Vineyard, there is a mix of white marlin and mahi, with Gordon’s Gully, the Star, the Claw, and the Dump out to the shipping lanes all producing mahi. Coop said the mahi have been on the small side, with only an occasional larger one caught, but there have been good numbers reported around the weather buoys.


Offshore Fishing Report – August 9, 2018

Gordon’s Gully and the Claw were two areas mentioned by Peter Sliwkowski at Larry’s Bait and Tackle on the Vineyard as holding large numbers of mahi and white marlin as well. Apparently, there are a large number of weed patches, perfect for holding mahi; fishing around the high flyers is also one way to get into some fast mahi action.