Inside Fingers #449


The Inside Fingers is located between the Claw and the Star. It’s a little farther from Block Island and Montauk, so it sees more Cape Cod based boaters than the others. It doesn’t take long to look at the chart to realize how much structure is there. The Inside Fingers is about par with the Claw and Coxes Ledge for shark fishing. The water is a little deeper here, so it makes for better cod fishing than the Claw. Tuna-wise the Inside Fingers is a productive bluefin spot (sometimes top water) but also the blue-water fish when warm water eddies move in. Often fished in conjunction with the Claw.

Trolling: Like all the other “inside offshore” spots baitfish found here includes butterfish, small squid, sand eels, hake and small mackerel. High-speed squid bars and machine daisy chains and small squid colored tinkers are favorites here. As always, you can’t go wrong with a rigged ballyhoo. As with the Claw and Coxes, I like to troll the structure here when temp breaks aren’t a consideration. Firstly, I start with trolling the wreck line (1) If nothing, I will zig zag the various contour lines. Back and forth between (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) and (6).

insidefingers_chart2Casting: Be ready for mahi mahi. If you like casting to tuna, you should have at least one spinning rod rigged for top water tuna and they are known to come up here. Also, marlin are seen cruising the surface here from time to time.

Drifting: Many anglers drift for shark AND cod here. The water is a little deeper than Coxes Ledge here, so I recommend at least 10 ounces of lead.