The Star #454


The star is approximately 22 miles due south of the Hooter and is identified by the compass rose
on certain NOAA Charts. The Star is reachable “mid trip” from The Inside Fingers, Gordon’s
Gully, 31 Fathom Hole and the Northeast Corner of the Dump and should be included on any
recon pattern in search of tuna and Marlin.

The Star often fishes well toward the middle of July if Bluefin tuna first arrive at Coxes Ledge or
the Claw. The Star is often the last spot the eat South of MV before “disappearing” and showing
back up east of Chatham.

  • Approx. Lat & Long: 40° 54′ 7.0″ N, 70° 26′  7.4″ W
  • Best Known for: Mix of bluefin and yellowfin, makos and threshers
  • Best tide: Varies