Gordon’s Gully #455

Gordon’s Gully is one for the closer spots South of MV. (South of Martha’s Vineyard) Gordon’s
Gully is located along the 20-fathom depth curve. For sake of argument Gordon’s Gully is due
South of the Hooter, approximately 13NM.

As you can see on the chart, Gordon’s Gully has nice peninsula shaped contour line lines. If just
arriving at Gordon’s Gully on your way offshore, start at the Northwestern tip of the Gully and
zig zag your way Southeast. If nothing exciting happens, the spot called The Star is about
another 10miles Southeast.

Gordon’s Gully is often good early season bluefin. Sometimes the bluefin tuna show up here
first. Other times bluefin tuna show up at Coxes Ledge or The Claw first. Years ago, in the 1990s
I remember a few years when Yellowfin Tuna would show up here in early September. For
whatever reason, many thresher sharks have been caught in this area.

Gordon’s Gully is a known spot to look for white marlin, especially when the halfbeaks show up
in late July.

  • Approx. Lat & Long : 41° 4′ 0.4″ N, 70° 29′ 42.5″ W
  • Best Known for: Late June/early July school bluefin, makos and threshers
  • Best tide: Varies