Monomoy Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

Schools of albies continue to race about off of the point and in the rips and the bass fishing remains good, both casting and drifting plugs and flies, as well as tossing plugs. The fish are in deeper water north of the rips, with a couple folks catching 70+ bass vertical jigging.


Monomoy Fishing Report – October 5, 2018

If you can get there, stripers in the 30+-inch class are still there to be caught. Most of the larger fish that kept the recremercial bass crew around have moved on, apparently, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few here or there willing to take soft plastics or topwater plugs.


Monomoy Fishing Report – September 21, 2018

Monomoy is still producing fish for the recremercial crew who are using eels, but it has been a tough go with the winds this week. A few members of the Cape Cod Flyrodders visited the area last weekend and found good numbers of funny fish that refused to take anything cast their way.


Monomoy Fishing Report – September 7, 2018

Most of the fish being caught during the day are between the mid to high-20 inch class up to mid-30-inch, but there are good numbers of them. At times, soft plastics such as unweighted Original Hogy’s and topwater plugs have done the trick, especially when slack tide and the change bring the fish on top, while Hogy Pro Tails have proven to be a good alternative to bait when the tide is running.


Monomoy Fishing Report – August 23, 2018

My last trip to Bearses was disappointing, with a brief spurt of activity at Shovelful on the change. That is a pattern a number of folks have reported this year around Monomoy: very short periods where the fish are feeding before they just seem to disappear.