White Marlin and Bluefin Tuna South of the Inside Fingers

Filmed July 27, 2017.

If you’re looking to catch white marlin, or even have you chance at Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna, heading south of the fingers (south of Martha’s Vineyard) might be your best bet during this time of the year.

This last week of July, Capt. Jamie Simmons and the Salty Cape Crew headed out with marlin on their mind. The morning started off quick as halfbeaks and sand eels darted across the surface, being pushed up by aggressive predators below. Trolling through, they hooked into their first fish of the morning – a white marlin, caught on a splash bar.

“Our spread is pretty simple,” Capt. Simmons said. “We’re running three bars, two pocket bars, one 40-inch bird bar way out back and two meats on the edges.”

Although there have been a lot of white marlin on top during the day, they’ve been hard to get on the spin.

“There’s a really nice feed going on here,” Capt. Simmons said. “But we just hooked up on a pretty decent size fish, probably a 60 to 100 pound fish, on an Epoxy.”

Thirty minutes into the fight and with Capt. Simmons at the helm, our Salty Cape anglers have switched off a handful of times. When fighting larger fish, it’s important to switch off before you feel fatigued, that way one angler is always ready to go.

Sticking the gaff into the Bluefin, the anglers are relieved and humbled by the giant that lay bleeding on their deck.

“We ended the day off with this beautiful Bluefin here on topwater feed using the Epoxy Jig Lures,” Capt. Simmons said.

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