The Cape Cod Fall Grand Slam

“It really doesn’t take much imagination to figure out why the fall run is a favorite time of year for so many Cape Cod anglers,” Capt. Mike Hogan said.

Picture this: The full variety of Cape Cod species is on the table from striped bass and bluefish to albies and bonito with kids of all ages lining up to catch their first real fish and experienced anglers chasing their fall grand slam (landing a bluefish, striped bass, albie and bonito all in one day).

“What makes the fall extra special is that you can take your light tackle gear back out,” Capt. Hogan said.

Visions of center consoles and whizzing drags danced in anglers heads as they loaded up their gear and re-tied their knots for a weekend fishing trip in the waters around Cape Cod.

From fly fisherman to light tackle anglers, all fisherman are able to fish side by side once again and share their passions together.

Launching out of Buzzards Bay, Capt. Mike and the Salty Crew join Capt. Terry Nugent on his search for a fall grand slam.

“The fall run has definitely started,” Capt. Nugent said. “Our goal today is to try and get a couple of slams. We’re looking for bass, bluefish and albie and maybe even some bonito.”

Due to the previous weeks unpredictable weather patterns that left the Cape riddled in rain and hurricane force winds, the water was stirred up and the fall run was jump started almost overnight as fish ready for their big migration south.

And before the sun bid goodbye to the horizon, Capt. Nugent quickly pulled in his first two fish; a striped bass and a bluefish.

Will he be just as lucky further offshore as he chases the albies and elusive bonito?

Watch the full video to find out!

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