Pro Talk: Cape Cod Albies (Nobska to Osterville)

15 Minutes with Capt. Mike Hogan


I like either tide, as long as it’s running. A rising tide runs west to east and vice versa (obviously) for a falling tide. I find when the tide is running hard to the east, especially around a full moon, the fish will stage toward Popponesset. Then, on the dropping tide, they can often be found down along the Elizabeth Islands and in Woods Hole. Click Here for Tides


I run out of Falmouth Harbor, so it’s an easy loop over to Nobska, I take a quick look, and then start heading along the shoreline to the east, looking for breaking fish. I stop at all the pods of breaking fish. The hard part is deciding to leave fish to find fish. When I see breaking fish, I ALWAYS APPROACH SLOWLY – as not to spook the albies.

If there are multiple small pods of albies, I ALWAYS BLIND CAST. I really catch a lot of fish blind casting. Often more than casting to breaking fish. The only difference in how I fish these lures is I upsize my lure size. This gives me greater casting distance plus more range and visibility.

***Note: Once a few boats really start running and gunning, the fish will become harder and harder to catch. Boats that hammer around plowing up to schools are using poor etiquette and ruin the fishing for everyone!***


    • The Epoxy Jig: This lure is awesome for casting small baits in the wind and still maintaining some sort of surface presentation. The top colors are olive, bone and pink. I use the Epoxy Jig for casting into the blitzes. It’s amazing how real they look in the water as the light refracts through the epoxy finish coat.


      • Cast into the blitz. (I often see a lot of articles about casting to the edges, but I do better dropping the lure right in there.)
      • Keep the tip pointed toward the water
      • I twitch the rod as I retrieve, using various retrieve speeds.


Rod: I like a 7’6” rod capable of throwing 1/3 to 1-ounce lures. I have a discontinued rod from G-Loomis that fits the bill perfectly. I’m still looking for a replacement.

Reel: Shimano Sustain 5000

Line: 20-pound test Power Pro. I use the lighter braid for better casting distance.

Leader: 36 inches of 20-pound test fluorocarbon leader.

Knots: Loop Knot for better action.

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