How To Fish a Tube and Worm for Stripers

My latest design started a couple of years ago at Pie in the Sky, a local bakery/coffee shop in Woods Hole that opens at 3 a.m. I saw John and I enjoyed hearing him talk about tubing and I recalled my lesson.  It had been over a decade since I fished a tube and I had a craving! And those who know me, also know I can’t leave well enough alone! So I got to work.

I was amazed at how many different reactions I got to the tube and worm when I queried my friends about what made good tube design. Some would make fun of the lure saying that it is too easy to catch fish on them. Others would complain that the gear was too heavy to be sporting while others loved the tube. Most interestingly, almost all my friends had a good fishing memory in there somewhere.Best Wire Line Trolling Outfit Stripers

The other thing I noticed was how little the tube has evolved since it was first trolled. To the uninitiated, the tube and worm can appear to be a very elementary lure. It still has the same basic elements as it did when it was invented: Tube, swivel, hook and wire. (Some have lead weights.)

However, there are indeed some nuances that can improve its effectiveness. A tube must have a great action that entices fish. It must also be constructed of components that will handle big fish.

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