Video: Jig N’ Troll for Bonito and Albies at the Hooter


This video was filmed while on a shoot with On The Water Magazine. When bonito and false albacore are known to be in an area but not showing on the surface this is a fantastic technique. Many experienced anglers always begin their albie and bonito trips this way, switching to casting if fish are sighted. If “run and gun” isn’t your style this can be a great way to hook up even when there ARE fish feeding on top!

Boat: Pathfinder 23dv
Rod: 8′ Musky Rod
Reel: Avet JX
Line: Cortland LC13 Fast Sinking Line
Leader: 10ft of 40lb Flouro
Bait: 7″ Hogy Original in amber color. Tied direct with a loop knot.

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