Martha’s Vineyard Surf Spot Profile: Southside Beach Inlets


Once the water temperature hits the upper 40s & lower 50s, the south side cuts flowing into the Great Ponds of Martha’s Vineyard start holding hungry striped bass, many of which have traveled long distances from southern waters and are ready to eat. Baitfish like herring, silversides and spearing ball up around the openings, and stripers wait for them to get pushed out into the ocean on outgoing tides where they will ambush their prey.

According to MV local Joe Rogers, casting out into the oncoming waves and bouncing jigs off the bottom is the most effective technique for hooking up.

“Kick up sand and dust to imitate sand eels digging into the sand. It triggers a strike from a hungry striper looking to root it out,” says Joe. “Keep the bait moving, they’re not looking for an easy snack, they are aggressive and hungry this kind of year from moving far distances in a short period of time. And Keep working your lure all the way in, they’ll hit it right in the waves right in front of you.”

Joe’s Gear List:
Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 Reel
7’6″ G.Loomis Pro Blue Rod
20-pound Power Pro Braid
20-pound fluorocarbon leader
2oz Sand Eel Barbarian Jigs w/ HDUV Softbaits

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