Video: Slow and Low Soft Bait Retrieve


The slow and low retrieve is ideal when used with soft baits. The slow serpentine action of a soft bait slow dancing through the water can draw strikes from lethargic fish. This retrieve is also ideal for nighttime presentations.

  1. Keep a tight line to the bait and pay close attention, as the pick-up may be soft and subtle. No-stretch braid line is ideal for this.
  2. Set the hook whenever you feel resistance. Never give the fish a chance to pick up and then reject the bait.
  3. In weedy water be sure to inspect your bait after every cast. Even the smallest bit of weed will turn off a wary predator. Rigging Texas-style with Hogy Swim Bait Hooks will minimize fouling of your baits.

Products Used: Hogy 7inch Original Series

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