How-To: Bottom fishing using Garmin LiveScope

Ever wonder what your fish finder screen would look like in real time? Now you can with the power of The Garmin LiveScope! LiveScope is a live scanning sonar that provides detailed images of fish swimming below and around your boat in real time! In this video, Capt. Mike is scup fishing using the 1/2oz Hogy Heavy Minnow. By utilizing the Garmin LiveScope, Capt. Mike is able to locate large schools of scup and watch them follow and eat his jig in real time! A fun and informative aspect added to your typical groundfishing.

Gear List

Rod: 7′ St. Croix Legend Tournament

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 5000

Line: 20lb Braid

Leader: 15lb Fluoro 

Lure: Hogy Lures 1/2oz Heavy Minnow Jig

Strategy: Using your fish finder, look for a rocky bottom with deep holes, ledges or drop offs. You can count on finding scup around most structure in 100-feet or less. Like most other salt-water species, they’ll be moving with the current on both the incoming or outgoing tides. Some shore anglers do better on either side of high tide as water may get to shallow at the bottom stages.

Tactical Jig: Scup are surprisingly aggressive when it comes to lures. You’ll want to drop the jig to the bottom and target the bottom 10-feet of the water column. You’ll find the best success with short and slow jigging motions; scup have small mouths and you want to give them the time to get the hook.


Garmin Livescope is a highly advanced and innovative technology that has revolutionized the way we fish. While bottom fishing, using Garmin Livescope can significantly improve the chances of a successful catch, as well as add a fun and interactive element. By providing real-time images of the underwater terrain, it allows fishermen to identify the exact location of fish and track their movements. This makes it easier to place lures in the right spot and adjust accordingly. The Livescope’s high-resolution images and tracking capabilities allow anglers to monitor their lure, detect subtle bites, and watch everything in real time.

Scup Fillet Video: Watch Here

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