How-To: No Bait Fluke Fishing

Capt. Mike of Hogy Lures and Salty Cape walks through how to target Fluke in Nantucket Sound with no bait! With the help of the Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs, Capt. Mike is able to target a magnitude of groundfish species with no bait!

In this simple how to video, you will learn everything you need to know to get out and catch some Fluke. From making a series of long drifts and locating fish, all the way down to the exact outfit being used, Capt. Mike leaves no stone unturned in this how to video. Enjoy!


  1. Idle around looking for piles of bait on the bottom. More often than not, you won’t necessarily mark fluke on your fish finder. Instead piles of bait sitting close to the bottom are a tell tail sign that there are some fluke sitting on the bottom below.
  2. Make long drifts over areas that are concentrating the most bait. This will allow for maximum coverage of a general area and can really aid in locating patches of bottom that are holding the most amount of fluke.
  3. Utilize the lightest weight jig you can get away with to hold bottom. You don’t want to heavy of a jig that you’re spooking anything on the bottom, and you don’t want to light of a jig that you are having trouble holding bottom. In this scenario, we found the 6.5oz Hogy Sand Eel Jig to be the ideal weight.


1. Slow drifts and covering lots of water was the key to success in catching a limit of fluke.

2. Lightweight rod and reel outfits offer the most comfort while jigging for extended periods of time.

3. Light weight braided line will allow a much faster sink rate with your jigging presentation.



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