How To: 11 Iconic Spots (and videos) for June Cape Cod Fishing


The hot Cape Cod June fishing is coming fast. When does it not? I never feel ready, but man, this year seems harder. As I get ready for June in between graduations, sports, school events work and covid life, I have noticed a theme to my favorite June Trips:

Easy Automatic and Simple
1. EASY to prepare for
2. AUTOMATIC in that they are consistent
3. SIMPLE with not a lot of fuss and thinking…

-Capt. Mike

Best Spots for Fishing In June on Cape Cod

1.Sea Bass Biki

A fantastic sea bass session is hard to beat. These “mess free” groundfish heroes are often
considered the best eating fish in the Northeast. If being honest, I would rather sea bass any
day of the week over striped bass. My ideal Day of “June Fishing” is some topwater striper
fishing early followed by sea bass fishing for dinner. A Jig + Biki rig is automatic over structure.

Spots: Buzzard’s Bay, Vineyard, Nantucket Sounds

Lure Used: Jig + Biki Rig

2.Topwater Blues Surface Pencils

As a kid learning to fish in the 1980s and early 1990s, bluefish were “the striper of today”
and highly sought over. In my opinion bluefish need a new “brand manager” because they are still so
awesome to fish for and not always as easy to catch as you would think, especially if you target
them! The video below was one of my favorite shoots off Cape Cod. We used the Hogy Surface
pencil for topwater bluefish. The beauty of these lures is that they “cast-a-mile” and make
commotion all on their own. Just reel!

Spots: Horseshoe Shoal, Oregon Beach

Lure Used: Hogy Surface Pencil

3.Topwater Stripers Surface Pencils:

This drives me crazy. If I asked 100 New Englanders including Hogy’s Northeast Sales rep ,who
also handles St. Croix, “What Kind Of Lure Is this?” I bet 90% of respondents would say “A bluefish lure.”
ARGH! So yes, it’s a bluefish lure if you’re casting to bluefish. BUT, and a big BUT here, it’s a fantastic striper lure too if you point it at stripers! This lure has a lot going for it:

  • Casting Range: Haha -needless to say… New England has lots of wind and range comes
    in handy just as much on a boat a boat as it does surf.
  • Action: This lure comes alive on the surface. The Surface pencil defines automatic
  • Squid, Mackerel, Herring and Bunker Colors: Ok, so traffic cone orange is a bit “bluefishy” But… Bone, Pink, Olive, Green???

Spots: Wasque Shoals

Lure Used: Hogy Surface Pencil

4.Pogy Stripers Dog walkers: 

Bass keyed in on pogies is probably your best for targeting bigger fish. A dogwalker gives you lots of “slow sped commotion” giving you “time in the zone” to “call them in.” There are seemingly acres of pogies this year. Find a school and work the area with a dog walker and get back to us!

Spots: West End Buzzard’s Bay

Lure Used: Hogy XL 7″ Dog Walker

5.Squid Rips Monomoy

A sexy squid plug designed to imitate a fleeing squid in the rips for bass keyed in on fleeing squid? Not sure what else to say…

Spots: Monomoy 

Lure Used: Hogy Charter Grade Topwater Squid Plug 

6.Squid Rips Middle Ground

Middle Ground can be off the charts in June. Get there early before the fleet!

Spots: Middle Ground

Lure Used: Hogy Original Series Soft Bait, Hogy Charter Grade Squid Plug

7.Herring Fed Stripers

I love stripers keyed in on herring. You can target them “on top” or “down deep” in the same
session and the herring hungry stripers often switch back and forth between the two levels in
the water column. Reason # 34,567 that it’s handy to keep Hogy Epoxy Jig Lures ® on the boat.

Spots: Monomoy

Lure Used: Hogy Epoxy Jigs

8.Paddle Tail Herring Imitation:

There’s not a lot you can say about a big sexy molded paddle tail other that the fact that “they are amazing at imitating most baitfish with tails…” The Hogy Protail version was designed for tough New England conditions with high catch volumes, big fish and strong currents in mind. These baits are truly “charter grade” in their durability and “automatic” fish catching ability.

Spots: Billingsgate Shoal

Lure Used: Hogy Pro Tail

9.Blind Cast Popper Stripers

Feeds often go down, especially in brighter conditions and heavy boat traffic, I switch to a popper to “call them in”. A popper can “linger” in the area, even more so than the dog walker. A popper is the “slowest” of the topwater series.

Spots: Race Point

Lure Used: Hogy Charter Grade Popper

10.Cast ‘n Drop Olive Pro Tail Eels

Another bright conditions and heavy boat traffic “move” here… An iconic spot like Monomoy draws in lots of boat traffic for a reason… The fishing is fantastic! A good thing about a spot like Monomoy is it encompasses a super wide area. Big schools of stripers often spread out as the day progresses and there’s more light and more boats. This “Cast ‘n Drop” technique is a great tool in your bag. Idle around slowly and if you see a pod, “plunk it”. The Pro Tail Eel used here is the perfect sand eel imitation (obviously) and has a slow natural sink.

Spots: Monomoy

Lure Used: 7.5″ Hogy Pro Tail Eels

11.Twitch Jig Overfed Stripers

This sometimes happens in June. HUGE schools of sand eels can ball up. Big stripers will bucket
feed through the bait-balls and “bucket feed”. Your play here is to work the perimeter and
target stripers that have been separated from the larger school. It’s an awesome technique that’s

Spots: Race Point

Lure Used: Hogy Sandeel Jigs

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