How-To: Spring Haddock Fishing Jigs & Teasers

It’s officially 2022 here at Hogy HQ!!! We filmed this haddock video a couple weeks ago, and man did it feel good…

We were “twitch jigging” in attempt to avoid snagging “by-catch” cod, which sometimes happens on “fast style” jigging where the jig spans a greater area in the water column with sharp hooks and soft cod bodies. Capt. Rob and I each had the same rigs, the 5/0 Crystal Jig-Biki rig paired with the 6.5oz Pink Sand Eel jig. His rig was tipped with sea clam, mine was not! I can’t say I out-fished Capt. Rob but I certainly did as well as he did. AND I made less mess! (No foul hooked fish either!)

Haddock Jig Biki Sand Eel Jig LureGear List:

Rod: Hogy 5′ 6″ Hybrid Trolling Rod

Reel: Avet LX 6

Line: 60lb Powerpro

Leader: 60lb Fluoro

Lure: Hogy Lures 6.5oz Sand Eel Jig

Teaser: Hogy 3/0 Jig Biki Crystal Flash Teaser

Hogy Lures Cod and Haddock Twitch Jigging Technique


1. Maintain lure contact with the bottom while slowly jigging with two to three foot rod sweeps upward.

2. Lightweight rod and reel outfits offer the most comfort while jigging for extended periods of time.

3. Light weight braided line will allow a much faster sink rate with your jigging presentation.

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