How To: Sea Bass Fishing on the Southside

Sea Bass Fishing on the Southside

On this windy and cold morning in mid-may, Capt. Mike and crew set out to target sea bass on the south side of Cape Cod, just off of Martha’s Vineyard.
“You can use this method anywhere when targeting sea bass,” Capt. Hogan said as he rigged up his line with the Hogy Herring Jig. “Just look for rock piles, they really love structure.”
On this day, he located a rock pile in roughly 70-feet of water. Being his favorite lure, the Hogy Herring Jig rigged with an assist hook has always done the trick when targeting these fish. Because it’s so easy to unhook from the fish, it’s become a favorite of the Salty Crew as well.
“It’s important to match the size of the jig with the depth you are targeting,” Capt. Mike said. “Find a size and weight that will go down quick and stay down, especially with strong wind and currents.”
He went on to say that the hook and bait you choose doesn’t ordinarily matter. Because sea bass are such an aggressive fish, they will go after just about anything, which makes for easy fishing and good eating.
  1. Find structure and heavy tide
  2. Choose a jig size best suited for holding bottom
  3. Vary you jigging speed
  4. Assist hook for ease of use

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