How-To: Hogy Charter Surface Top Water Plug | Cape Cod Bluefish #103

Capt. Mike Hogan & Capt. Dave Peros head out for some exciting top water bluefish action with the new Charter Grade Surface plug. This hybrid pencil/dogwalker offers excellent side-to-side swimming motion, surface pop and sputter or fleeing surface action.

Introducing the new Charter Grade Surface Plug: These simple, effective surface plugs are designed for ultra-durable, long-range, trophy surface action. These versatile plugs can be retrieved using multiple methods for side-to-side swimming action, quick fleeing/darting movement, or erratic surface splashing action.

Early June is a good time of year for top water bluefish action in Buzzard’s Bay, Peros said. Both shore fisherman and boaters can target these fish when they are gorging themselves on baitfish and fattening up.

If you like top water action, this is the best time to target blues.

Step One: Drift into the area and start blind casting (see diagram below).
Step Two: Cast out and begin a medium retrieve with the rod tip up and a lot of rod action.
Tip: Maintain speed during strikes! Do not slow down your retrieve.


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