Video: Elizabeth Island Stripers at Night


With the amount of bait balled up around the Elizabeths, it’s no surprise that some really big stripers have pushed up into the rock piles, many of theme likely on their migration south for the season. This migration of fish is typically referred to as the “fall run” here on Cape Cod, and a few Salty Cape staff members have been cashing in on the action.

During the last few weeks, the best time to find big fish has been when the tide is running its hardest. The preferred technique is to fish “the swing”, which essentially means to pull your bait around the rips that form around rock piles in an “L-shaped” fashion. Fish will commonly stack up on one side of the rock, waiting to ambush bait that gets pushed around the corner. Strong currents mean topwater plugs have been difficult to fish, which is why much of the staff has turned to Hogy Pro Tails in order to hold slightly lower in the water column and take advantage of their vibrating action.

In this video, Matt Rissell and Ian Crowley head out after dark towards a few rock piles known to have been holding bigger fish earlier in the week in search of fall run action. After only a half an hour, they hooked into a 41″ fish. Fighting against the current and on light tackle made for some of the most exciting striper fishing of the season.

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