How-To: Hogy Surface Plug Striper Fishing Wasque & Middle Ground Rips #102

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Dave Peros show us how to use the new Hogy Charter Grade Surface Plug for targeting striped bass using topwater lures along the rips in Wasuqe and Middle Grounds Cape Cod. These plugs can be fished using a variety of retrieves to create swimming action very similar to a pencil popper or walk the dog style topwater plug.

Boat: Pair Marine 21
Location: Wasque Shoals, Cape Cod
Rod: St. Croix Legend Tournament
Line: 40lb test braid
Leader: 40lb test fluorocarbon
Lure: 3oz Hogy Charter Grade Surface Plug – larger surface plug will give the angler more cast ability.
Bait Imitation: Squid – the bright pink coloration of the lure helps fish better see the lure in the white wash.

On a big rip, it’s a team sport, especially when the weather is foul. Dedicate someone to the helm while the anglers focus on casting.

Step One: Cast out into smooth water, gain control of the line by reeling in the slack. Strikes will come right as it enters into the rip (see diagram below).
Step Two: Keep the boat in gear while fighting the fish, positioned in front of the rip to avoid drifting into the rip sideways, especially in a smaller center console.
Tip: When fighting a larger fish, enter the rip “V” first, with the bow of the boat. This is the safest way to enter a rip. Pay attention to the timing. What may seem like a calm portion of the rip might just be in between big periods of waves. Make sure you fully understand the dynamic of the rip before determining you’re in a calm stop.

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