Race Point #458

Boat Spots Race Point

Race Point is the end of the road literally.  It’s the very tip of Cape Cod and it is a place that is often times loaded with stripers and blues.  The Race is one of the few places I know of in the north east where a surfcaster can toss a plug into water more than 100’ deep from the beach.  The water drops off from sandy beach to over 150’ in an amazingly short distance.  The currents here are notoriously strong and help create a massive rip line that is a second home for many a charter boat and recreational angler alike.  Just to the south of the Race the drop-off abuts a shallow sand flat in an area called “the Bathhouse” named for the visible bath house facility on the beach.  A slew of lobster pots run along the drop-off and act as a road map for where to fish.  Both the lobsters and the fish tend to hang along the steep drop-off.  Find the lobster pot line and watch your fish finder and you’re almost certain to start marking fish waiting for the bait to get swept into the abyss.

Once the fish are found there are two main ways that people fish the race.  First is by trolling wire and adjusting the depth to keep the rigs or jigs in the zone the bass are suspending.  The other popular way is to fish the bass with vertical jigs.  Soft rubber baits on lead heads imitating the sandeels as well as tin/metal jigs are deadly at catching bass as they suspend on the drop off.  Simply mark them and send the jigs down to the fish and work them through the schools.  When the water is moving and the bass are eating there is no more productive way to put numbers on the deck than this.  The crowds here can be unbareable but the fishing often makes up for the chaos that occurs here at one of the Capes most popular fishing spots.

  • NOAA Chart Number: 13249
  • Lat & Long:  42°03.8’ x 70°15’
  • Best tide:  Outgoing
  • Hazards: Very large ocean swells may be present; water may be filled with weed and unfishable after sustained easterly wind or storms. The rip along the beach is very strong. Seals may be a nuisance.
  • Link To Tide Chart: Click Here
  • Link to Marine Weather: Click Here

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