How-To: Big Stripers | Open Water | Pogy Imitation #103

On this windy, early June morning we head out in search of big striped bass staged along deep water flats adjacent to shallow boulder fields while making long drifts. We found the fish were keyed in on large Pogies near the surface. Our lure of choice was the Hogy XL 7″ Dog Walker top water lure, perfect for imitating large, confused Pogy near the surface.

Big thanks to Capt. Rob Lowell joining us on the 28″ Regulator.

George Fearons, Yacht Broker of Oyster Harbors Marine.

More Tips & Techniques for open water Striped Bass Casting. 
Direct Link for Hogy XL Dogwalker Topwater Lure. 

Boat: Regulator 28′
Bait Imitation: Large pogies or herring
Despite almost canceling due to wind, Capt. Mike and the Salty Cape crew head out into Buzzard’s Bay to target top water stripers. Though windy, Capt. Lowell reassures the group that wind can stir up the fish.
Step One: Set up nice and wide around the area you are targeting. Idle and work slowly; this respects other boats fishing in the area and does not disturb the fish.
Tip One: When fishing open water and blind casting, select noisy plugs to call in the fish, especially in windy conditions. They can cover a lot of ground, getting up wind and working against current.

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