How-To Clinic: Tips Shore Fishing Jetties for Striped Bass #104

Capt. Mike Hogan shares an in-depth look for shore fishing jetties for striped bass. In this video we cover the rods, reels, line, lures, casting techniques and several methods for reading the water to catch striped bass.

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Outfit #1: Best used when fishing small lures or small soft baits in an estuary or backwater situation when there’s no wind.
Rod: Medium Action 7′ Spinning Rod
Reel: 5000 Class
Line: 30lb. test braid
Leader: 20 – 30lb. fluorocarbon leader.
Outfit #2: Best used as a medium duty open beach outfit. Also used on the boat when throwing larger, heavy plugs. Casts comfortably upwards of two ounces. More distance, can throw heavier lures.
Rod: Medium Heavy Action 7.5′
Reel: 5000 Class
Outfit #3: Can throw plugs starting at one ounce up to four ounce. Super long range, heavier lures. Hardcore surfcasting outfit.
Rod: 9′ Surf Caster
Reel: 5000 Class
Despite onshore winds being one of the more difficult situations to cast in, they can push bait closer to the jetty, where fish are likely follow, making it a perfectly difficult fishing scenario.
Jetty fishing is one of the best shore fishing situations because jetties push you further into the water, give you an extension to reach further distances while also having access to shallow water and water flowing through the rocks.
Being early May, you might see some herring and other bait fish, but you also might see seals which often deter fish from popular fishing areas.
Lure: Hogy Charter Grade Popper – Works great in calm, still conditions.
Rod: 9′ Surf Rod – The longer the rod, the better the distance you’ll get when casting.

Step One:
Start with a Hogy Charter Grade Popper. It will create commotion and call fish in while you learn the area and the fishing patterns. It might not be the best lure to fish with, but it is the best lure to start with.
Step Two: Start casting in the shallow water and work your way around, fan casting the entirety of the jetty two or three times. If Capt. Mike doesn’t get a hit, he’ll move to another fishy location.
Step Three: Work the popper across the top of the water!
Step Four: Once you’re done casting the shallow area, start casting in the open water, which is where most of the strikes will happen.
Lure: Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure – Closely replicates small baitfish. Just heavy enough to cast with a surf rod. There is no right way to fish this lure! It’s more about what the fish want. There are several ways to fish this lure, try all of them.
Skippy Retrieve: Reel quickly with the rod tip up and twitch the lure to simulate a fleeing baitfish.
Slow and Low: Lob the lure through the water and let it sink, steady reel retrieve.
Medium Retrieve: Medium speed with a little bit of rod tip action to get the lure to dance and dart.
Rod: 9′ Surf Rod – The longer the rod, the better the distance you’ll get when casting.
Step One: Repeat steps two through four.
Shore Fishing Jetties

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