How To: Tube and Worm Striper Trolling | In-Line Trolling Weights #100

Tube and Worm Striper Trolling | In-Line Trolling Weights

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to use the Hogy In-Line Trolling Weight for Tube and Worm striped bass trolling in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Dave Peros.

For anglers looking to troll for striped bass tube and worm, the in-line trolling weight offers the ability to troll at deep depths without the use of Lead Core or Wire Line outfits.

Outfit Details:
5.5′ Hogy Hybrid Stick (custom made for Capt. Mike) with an oversized cork grip. Long butt is good to have in the holder and for vertical jigging. Versatile, can be used for vertical jigging, casting or trolling.
Reel: Avet Jx
Line: 80lb braid
Leader: 40lb to 60lb fluorocarbon

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An inline trolling weight can be rigged two ways; 1. With about 5-feet of leader in front of a Hogy Perfect Trolling Tube and 2. It can be connected directly to the snap swivel.

There are three ball bearing swivels built in and one is built directly into the Hogy Perfect Trolling Tube. When trolling, particularly with tubes, lures are prone to spinning and the swivel in the running line helps minimize line twist. Though not necessary, it’s nice to have extra redundancy during a long day of trolling, Capt. Mike said.

There is often a teaser that is put on the back of a trolling tube but Capt. Mike is old school. He likes to put a seaworm on the back, fresh from Mako’s.

Step One: Let the line out slowly to start. The sinker is so effective, it tends to drop down too quickly.
Tip One: Extra, lighter leader is better for hot days. Capt. Mike will use anywhere between 40lb and 60lb test fluorocarbon leader.

The fish should be so keyed in on the bait itself, it won’t even notice the trolling sinker, which is equivalent to 125-feet of lead core.

Step Two: When going over a pod of fish, take the boat out of gear and let the Perfect Tube sink into the school.
Tip Two: When the fish approaches the boat, put the road in the holder. The trolling weight will not go through the guides. Lift the sinker and the fish together before removing the hook and releasing the fish.


Hogy Lures Striper Trolling How To Diagram

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