How To: Walk & Gun Casting – Surface Stripers On Sliders #128

Capt. Mike Hogan shares his favorite technique for covering lots of water quickly using the Walk & Gun method pair with our 5inch Charter Grade Slider. This technique is extremely effective when fish are scattered over a large area, holding fish and bait.

Lure: 5-inch Hogy Charter Grade Slider, larger profile for visibility. Fished at a medium speed to cover a lot of ground. The slider rattle will call them in.
Bait: Juvenile Herring
How To: Walk and Gun
This is a great technique to use when there are a lot of boats in the area and pods of fish are scattered throughout the fishing grounds. Simply idle between pods of fish, as needed. But, if you can remain in one spot and work a school of fish, do so. Moving between schools, especially when changing RPM speeds, can disrupt bait and fish.

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