How-To: Offshore Jigging Cod | Haddock | Pollock with Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs #700

Offshore Jigging for Cod, Haddock and Pollock with the Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs

Not every trip to the tuna grounds ends up in success (as much as we’d hope it does!). Fortunately, there is world-class ground fishing opportunities for Cod, Haddock and Pollock in the same waters.


In this video, Capt. Mike Hogan shows off Hogy’s new Jig-Biki Rig paired with our Heavy Flutter Pitch Jig for slow-twitch style jigging groundfish to fill the cooler. We utilize the same spinning and conventional outfits used for tuna casting and jigging to jig up a nice assortment of tasty groundfish species.

cod fishing
When you are defeated from pulling hooks on a giant tuna, drop a jig to the bottom for a shot at a monster cod!

If you find yourself offshore tuna fishing, switching gears to ground fishing can save your day. Simply modify the gear you already have offshore with you, and get to it.

For Capt. Mike, the only modification he’ll make is to add a Jig-Biki Rig to the mix.FLUTTER PITCH JIGSjig+biki

How-To: Drop down (if you can’t feel the jig hit the bottom, wait until the reel stops taking slack) and jig slowly. The slower the better! This method and set up will work for red fish, haddock, cod, pollock and mackerel.

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