Fishing Buzzards Bay for Bluefish and Bonito

Filmed August 16, 2017.

Buzzards Bay in the middle of August is perfect for an end of the summer bonito and bluefish haul.

Capt. Jamie Simmons and the Salty Crew head out into the bay to chase feeding bonito feeding on small peanut bunker. Between the birds working the surface and the bait on the fish finder, they’re hoping to get lucky.

“Early in the season, they stay schooled up pretty close to the bottom but we’re hoping to get them to come up,” Capt. Simmons said.

Pulling the first bluefish out of the water was easy with the Hogy Epoxy Jig® Lure, a go-to for jigging through thick schools of bait, especially when fish are schooled up on the bottom.

Tight lines and high hopes lead the crew to the August hot-spot while fish after fish are taken by our light tackle anglers.

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