How To: Topwater Poppers for Stripers Feeding on Squid

Topwater Poppers for Stripers

Although it might not be warm and sunny all the time, there’s no denying that overcast and calm conditions are almost better for fishing, especially with bright colored lures.
Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholm set out to chase striped bass keyed in on squid in Cape Cod Bay with one, single lure in mind; the Hogy Charter Grade Popper in amber and pink, which is the perfect coloration for “matching the hatch,” especially when big stripers and feeding on squid.
When the fish are in 30 to 40-feet of water, like they were this day, fishing a popper is probably your best bet. With the cup-shaped nose and the rattling inside it’s frame, any sort of subsurface commotion will most likely draw in finicky fish.
Fishing the popper is simple – cast out to you desired area, and pop the tip of the rod while imparting slow, twitching motions. Start with the rod tip pointed towards the sky and as you get closer to the boat, bring your rod tip down so it almost kisses the water. You are sure to draw a reaction strike and land some keeper-sized fish.
If you practice catch and release methods, swim your fish by placing it into the water. The bigger fish are strong enough to let you know when they’re ready to be let go, as they will sometimes clamp down on your thumb and flare their pectoral fins. Release them quickly and get back to it!

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