How-To: Seabass Fishing Cape Cod | Hogy Jig-Biki Teaser Rig #701

Capt. Mike Hogan & Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters spends the morning targeting Buzzards Bay Seabass in bumpy conditions. In this video, we introduce the new Jig-Biki Teaser rig paired with the Hogy Flutter Pitch Jig.

Our ready-made rig with premium mono featuring two of the deadliest teasers know to fish! The “sabiki” version is a scaled-up version of the deadly bait rig, matching the teaser assist hooks on our larger jigs. The tube version, used in our Diesel Mack Rigs, presents some chafe resistance and a larger profile in the water. Either rig can be fish as a teaser rig -or- as a bait rig. The beauty of the rig is that if your bait gets stolen, your still in the game with the teaser which is perhaps 85% as effective “naked”.

Black sea bass are commonly found on rock bottom. When you begin your trek and start looking for areas to let the lines down, one of the key things to look for is structure and rocks before you start drifting.

Lure: Hogy Jig-Biki Rig + 3.5oz Flutter  Jig – fished slowly! Note, the jig-biki rig can be best fished when targeting black sea bass, pogies, fluke, cod and snapper blues.jig+biki
Boat: Pair Marine 21
7-foot MH Spinning
Reel: 4000 class with 40lb braid

How-To: Drop the lure to the bottom and jig it very slowly, working over the structure and the rocky bottom.
Hogy Tip: Dead stick your rod every once in a while – the rough conditions and the movement of the boat will rock the lure on its own.

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