Gear: Capt. Mike’s Offshore Rigging Bag

Capt. Mike’s offshore rigging bag is comprised of every rigging component you could possibly need for a day of offshore fishing whether you’re casting, jigging, trolling or using live bait.

“A back pack is a perfect rigging bag in my opinion,” Capt. Mike said. “You can have a couple of different compartments so you can store a couple of different items in a couple of different areas and it makes it easier to tell someone exactly where something is in the heat of the moment.”

(1) Offshore Tools (crimpers, pliers, etc.) – Multiples of each tool including crimpers, split ring pliers, regular pliers, bulk cutters and even a pocket knife.

(2) Offshore Rigging Components – Jigging and casting gear (split rings, swivels and chafe gears), crimps (suitable for fluoro from 60lb – 400lb test), and trolling lure components (daisy chain, spreader bar or any average trolling lure) .

(3) Live Bait Kit – Half a dozen mackerel rigs, hooks, swivels and chafe gear suitable for live tuna bait rigs.

(4) Leader Kit – Casting wind-on leaders, jigging and trolling wind-on leaders and spools of leader from 25lb test fluoro all the way up to 200lb test fluroro, suitable for almost any tuna scenario.

(5) Miscellaneous Offshore Items – Rubber bands, balloons, electrical tape, bait knife, scissors and shears. Basically, this comes out when Capt. Mike is live bait fishing.

(6) Outrigger Repair Kit – There are enough components in here for (2) outrigger lines to be repaired in this collection which is handy if you are fishing on someone else’s boat.

(7) Flatline Clip Components – Suitable for any boat you’re on!

(8) Binoculars – Always handy to have a pair of these and know where they are, especially if you’re fishing on someone else’s boat.



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