How To: Fish the Hogy Offshore Sand Eel Jig

Hogy Offshore Sand Eel Jig

“The specific jig we’ll be fishing today is the 8oz Sand Eel Jig with the Assist Hook,” said Capt. Mike as he unhooked the hook from one of the guides. “This is an excellent lure for fishing deeper portions of the water column.”
The Sand Eel Jig is designed to imitate exactly what it’s name implies; sand eels. They’re designed to get right down to the bottom and they have a very natural, olive-colored presentation. They also come in a highly visible bubblegum but a lot of anglers like the green colored imitation of a small mackerel.
“To fish a metal jig is different than how you would fish a soft bait or an Epoxy jig,” said Capt. Mike. “A soft bait is fished with a slow retrieve, an Epoxy jig is fished with a medium/medium fast retrieve speed but a metal jig is fished with the fastest retrieve.”
This lure can be fished by simply reeling it up through the water column and giving it some motion. Reel it up maybe 30 to 40-feet and if there’s no struck, let it back down to the bottom and repeat. It’s best used vertical jigging on a conventional reel but will still work if you need to fire off a cast in a pinch.
It’s very easy to fish a metal jig but the one downside is that it’s a little on the tiring end of the spectrum but it’s worth it because it is very effective when fish are at the bottom of the water column and you can fish it throughout the entire water column when you are marking, making this one of the most versatile lures on the market.
“I would use metal when fish are scattered throughout the water column, in heavy currents and deeper water and if tuna are keyed in on sand eels and you need to get down quick,” Capt. Mike advises. “It’s a good, high-speed option and sometimes when the fish are being sluggish and not all that interested in eating, having a lure flying through the water column sometimes can trigger that strike response.”
Benefits: You can fish them fast, they can be fished throughout the water column, they are good in deep water situations, they’re good in heavy current situations and they’re fun to fish.

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