Monomoy Flats #427

Monomoy Flats

Monomoy Flats

Famous area for sight casting with flies and small lures. Sand eels are the primary forage. Stripers will be scattered over the flats at high tide but will begin retreating to deeper water as tide drops – look for deeper areas between flats. Stealth is vital to success. Fish are constantly on the move and may be found anywhere along the 7-mile length of the west side of North and South Monomoy.

NOAA chart number:  13237

Lat & Long:  41°38’ x 70°01’

Best tide: Outgoing; action slows at slack.

Hazards: Few. Heavy, dense fog can develop in the summer; rapidly dropping tide can result in grounding. If seals are present, move to another area of the flats.

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