3 Effective Retrieves for the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure® #310

In this great new video, we cover the three effective retrieves when casting Epoxy Jigs for Bonito and Albies in a variety of conditions.

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Three Retrieves for Bonito + Albies

Skippy Retrieve: The most fun retrieve. When using the Hogy Epoxy Jig, the fast retrieve speed will simulate a fleeing baitfish. Cast out, collect any extra slack and keep your rod tip high while reeling fast. This retrieve works best when albies are keyed in on dense schools of baitfish. It can help your lure stand out and help draw in reaction strikes. On greasy calm days when you’re fishing for scattered fish, you can draw a lot of commotion to your smaller lure. This technique is best suited for the Hogy Epoxy Jig because the lure is relatively light compared to its size. A lead version of this lure will have a tough time staying on top.
Tip Down Retrieve: This can range in reel retrieve speeds from slow to fast. Cast out, collect any extra slack and keep the tip down while reeling. Impart twitches in line and pause while reeling to create a natural baitfish presentation. This technique works well for small soft plastics, plugs, metals and Epoxy jigs. There is no wrong way to fish this retrieve but if you haven’t cracked the code, try changing the speed.
Slow and Low: Keep the rod at a 45-degree angle and reel slow to medium slow. This will cover ground slowly. Let the lure sink sometimes. The Epoxy jigs have a built-in wobble. Works great with light leaders, finicky fish and blind casting!

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