The Hogy Citizen Science Albie Study

Hey folks, Capt. Mike here…

Thank you for checking out the Hogy Citizen Science Albie Study! We are proud to partner with Got One! – the hot new fish logging App – to learn from a dedicated “crowd” of Albie anglers (you!) on what best practices look like in terms of gear.  As you can imagine, we send a huge amount of Albie lures into service each fall. As the owner of a lure company, and father of future anglers, it’s super important to everyone here at Hogy that we do everything to preserve these awesome fish for the next generation.

Who: Anyone who fishes for albies. We hope captains and anglers alike join us in better understanding best practices for catching and releasing albies.

What: Hogy has partnered with Got One! to engineer a beautifully simple logging interface to track hook placement and release quality.  Each fish takes under 30 seconds to log.

When: Effective 10/20/2023. Phase 1 of study will go through 12/31/2023. Phase 2 Will run through 10/31/2024.

Where: Anywhere albies are caught! We know first-hand that an albie tagged near HOGY HQ on Cape Cod last fall was caught and released in Key West this spring.

Why: Modern understanding of albies is that stock levels are healthy. THAT SAID, we know surprisingly little about the species. Our take at Hogy is that we should always be conservation minded, regardless of stock status. As a manufacturer of fishing lures, that means we should be making products that facilitate best practices for a healthy release. We will directly respond to and share all data to the fishing community.

Privacy: This is obviously a big deal with fishing spots…. The app saves spots on the back end as a 10-mile radius pin drop. You’ll have exact details in your account, but any science-related reporting will be anonymous and high-level, again at that 10-mile level.

How: The three most important markers to a healthy release are:

  1. Amount of blood: From Mouth, Gills etc
  2. Hook placement: Lip, Eye, Gills etc
  3. Speed of release: How trongly the fish swims away
We are looking for this information to correlate with: 
  1. Gear Type: Spin, Fly fishing
  2. Lure and Hook Type: Jigs, Softbait, Trebles, Singles…)

To Get “Got One!” Hogy Albie Study:

1. Tapping this button will do one of two things, depending on whether the app is installed or not

  • If GotOne is NOT installed, the button will redirect to the GotOne page on Google Play, where the app can be downloaded and installed. Completing the signup process, will enable the GotOne user as a Hogy Survey participant.
  • If GotOne IS installed, the button will take you directly into the GotOne app. If you are already logged in to GotOne, you will be enabled to participate in the Hogy Survey. If you are NOT logged in, logging in will do the same.

2. To confirm whether or not you have been enabled in the survey, you can log a fake false albacore catch (or edit a real one if he has logged some already). When logging a new catch, after the app gathers the location and weather data, it will ask if you wish to provide additional data to the Hogy Survey, like shown here:

3. When editing an existing false albacore catch, the Hogy Survey tab will be accessible at the top right of the screen (the user must slide the tab bar to the left to get to the right-most tab), as seen here:

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