How To: Plan B Cod Fishing South of Martha’s Vineyard

Cod Fishing South of Martha’s Vineyard

If all else fails when you’re chasing tuna offshore, cod fishing is a fun and simple Plan B if you’re not quite ready to go home and admit you got skunked.

With tuna on their mind, Capt. Mike and the Salty Crew headed south of the Vineyard to chase tuna but upon arriving at some of their preferred fishing grounds, life was vacant. With no signs of whales, birds or baitfish, the crew made the decision to try their luck out cod fishing in hopes of catching some fish to bring home for dinner.

Some might say it’s easy to tell when cod could be in the area. Coxes Ledge, just south of Martha’s Vineyard, is not a known cod fishing area but with the right tools and knowledge on what to look for, Capt. Mike was able to recognize a “furry bottom” (when marks on the fish finder indicate a live bottom, scurrying bait fish and even fish marks).

Rigging up the 3/0 Hogy Diesel Mack Rig paired with a Hogy Sand Eel Jig and VMC Assist Hook, they dropped their lures down and quickly caught Whiting and Cunner, local bait fish that are indicative to life on the bottom.

Sand Eel Jig with Assist Hook
8.5oz Hogy Sand Eel Jig with VMC Assist Hook

Even if you’re unsure if there might be cod in the area, stopping at these indicative areas where you even question life is a good idea. 9 times out of 10 you’ll catch what you’re marking, whether it’s the species you’re targeting or other bait fish in the area that are sometimes targeted as bait for live lining Tuna.

Diesel Mack Rig
3/0 Hogy Diesel Mack Rig

Fortunate for Capt. Mike and the Salty Crew, this seemed to be the honey hole for all things cod.


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