How-To: Upgrade Your Jig

How To Upgrade Your Jig

Due to the versatility of Hogy Lures, many of our jigs can be rigged and re-rigged to suit your various fishing needs. In this video, Capt. Mike shows us how to convert a small jig, such as the Heavy Minnow, into a single hook rig.
“We’ve seen on social media that a lot of New Jersey anglers have been targeting Bluefin keyed in on small sand eels with this jig,” Capt. Mike said.
Based on the way this lure was designed, the proper way to use the Heavy Minnow Jig is with a strong, single inline hook. They are the best single hooks to use in this situation.
You’re going to want the eye of the hook INLINE with the hook shank. That will allow you to just need one split ring to have the proper hook articulation.
By following these three, easy steps, your jig will be ready to fish!
Step 1: Using a pair of split ring pliers, open the split ring just enough so that you don’t stretch it out.
Step 2: Carefully slide the inline hook onto the split ring – oftentimes you’ll hear a popping sound when it’s attached.
Step 3: Slowly rotate the hook around the split ring.

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