How-To: Rigging Methods for the Hogy Epoxy Jig

Rigging Methods for the Hogy Epoxy Jig

Due to the versatility of Hogy Lures, many of our jigs can be rigged and re-rigged to suit your various fishing needs. In this video, Capt. Mike shows us the various ways to rig the Hogy Epoxy Jig for inshore fishing.

Method 1: Single Treble Hook

I often choose to opt for a small treble hook on the smaller size Hogy Epoxy Jigs (3/8 -5/8oz). A size 4 VMC treble hook is the best size hook for jigs these size. Often I find myself using a treble hook when light tackle bottom fishing, say for black sea bass and scup. Also when fishing smaller/lighter jigs for false albacore and striped bass. One thing I’m always aware of is crimping down the barbs on my treble hooks to minimize the damage done to any fish I catch.

epoxy jig
The Hogy Epoxy Jig in “Rain Bait” is a perfect imitater of silversides.

Method 2: Inline Single Hook

I focus on rigging with an inline single hook when I’m rigging the larger size Hogy Epoxy Jigs. What I love about the inlice single is that it can be used for both vertical jigging and casting. The beauty of an inline single hook on a larger jig is that it minimizes the chances of gill hooking a fish, this is due to the larger surface area of a bigger jig. The jig is larger enough were you can use it as a handle when de hooking a fish boat side, and an inline hook in general is much easier to handle oppose to a treble. It’s all around just a simple and easy way to rig!

inline single hook
Inline single hooks are perfect for quick releases on all fish species!

Method 3: Bucktail Teaser

Inline single bucktail teaser hooks are great for anglers looking to increase the overall length and profile of their Hogy Epoxy Jig. The beauty of a bucktail teaser is you can add up to 3″ in length to a small/light epoxy jig. When paired with a pink Hogy Epoxy Jig this bucktail teaser makes for a great squid imitation.

bucktail teaser
Bucktail teasers are perfect for adding extra length to smaller profile jigs.

Method 4: Assist Hook

The cool thing about vertical jigging Hogy Epoxy Jigs is that they are light weight relative to their size. This gives you the ability to jig in very shallow water, and also to finicky tuna and striped bass in deeper water due to natural fluttering presentation. When tying to a jig rigged with an assist hook, make sure to have your line connection going to the smaller solid ring at the end of the assist hook.

assist hook
Assist hooks are perfect for vertical jigging Epoxy Jigs

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