How To: Fishing with Sand Eel Jigs

The Sand Eel jig is a particularly deadly sand eel imitation. It has replaced the classic diamond jig for many anglers in Cape Cod Bay and Monomoy Shoals. It can be fished fast or slow while jigging but it is also an effective casting lure. The jig can be used on tuna, stripers and albies depending on how you rig it.How To: Fishing with Sand Eel Jigs

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  • The “twitchy” technique is super useful for when you find yourself in a situation with too much bait and having a hard time competing with it for the striper’s attention. In that situation, I like to look for the outliers separated from the bait mass. They are easier to fool. The imitative finish and shape profile of the sand eel jig also helps fool fish in gin-clear water.
  • In this situation I was targeting finicky stripers with Captain Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. We were trying to figure out who had a better method. Cullen’s FAST method with Hogy Sand Eel jig rigged with assist hook or my slow method, with the 7.5″ Hogy Protail fish slowly.

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