Buzzards Bay


Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – August 9, 2018

I haven’t heard any reports about the kingfish or king mackerel trolling bite that was going on a couple of weeks ago in Buzzards Bay, but there are good numbers of bonito being caught in Rhode Island and the odds are that this heat and southerly pump will bring the bones into the upper Bay. West Falmouth/the Cape Codder, Old Silver Beach, and Red Brook Harbor are where they often show first, as well as to the west around Marion and Mattapoisett.


Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 27, 2018

There is no lack of smaller bass around the upper stretches of the bay, but bluefish have been harder to come by. Fluke fishing continues to be a real pick both in shallow water such as around the Mashnee Flats and even the deep edges of the Canal; scup are also on the smaller side, while sizeable sea bass will require a run to deeper water around the Elizabeths.


Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 19, 2018

From Stony Point Dike to Onset, the pilings, and the Maritime Academy, the fishing for bass has been really steady this week. If fishing at night isn’t appealing to you, I continue to get reports from people who are excited to have caught their first striper, typically schoolies they have caught sometime between dusk to full darkness and again at first light inside pretty much all of the harbors and other backwaters from Mo Beach to Quissett.


Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 6, 2018

There is no lack of small bass pretty much wherever you look, whether they are heavily schooled up, as they typically are from Stony Point Dike to Widow’s Cove to the grass patches outside Onset/Wicket’s Island to the Maritime Academy. The black sea bass fishing is still productive, although the average fish is definitely smaller.


Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – June 22, 2018

The morning and evening schoolie bite remains dependable, especially if there is a turn of the tide at that hour; the dropoffs around the Mashnee Flats, the grass patches along the dike, and Widow’s Cove are spots where small bass are commonly caught, but the shallows outside Onset up the Maritime Academy get more attention on a daily basis.