West Falmouth Harbor/Little Island #656

Target the outgoing tide on the point of Little Island. The north end has decent patches of eel grass transitioning to rubble and boulder fields. The bottom structure supports baitfish and in turn attracts stripers, birds, and the occasional seal. Fish natural patterned soft plastics on sunny days, and bone or pink on overcast or windier days. Fish over the rocks targeting areas with the largest boulders, next to the deepest water possible. The structure acts as a natural wind/wave break, and supports good habitat for stripers.

Alternate Spots: Try the inner harbor, the jetty, the point of Little Island, and boulder field north east of the point. This is a very fishy area.

Parking: The lot off Little Island Rd is private beach access and parking. In the busy season, officers will check vehicle stickers, so access can be tricky. Some folks park at the Shining Sea Bikeway parking lot off Old Dock Rd. near West Falmouth Harbor and bike 10 minutes up the road to the private Little Island Rd lot.

Kayak Launchability: Excellent kayak access in the Inner Harbor. A small dirt trail is a direct route to the inner harbor, with minimal rocks to traverse when carrying your watercraft. Kayaker heaven!

Wadeability: Some of the finest wade fishing around. Be careful when fishing in rocks, footing can be difficult. Easy access to fish deeper water.