Monument Beach #638

This town beach is easily found just off Shore Road in the village of Monument Beach. It is very popular with swimmers in the summer and should be fished after dark in the spring and summer or at dawn or dusk in the fall. Bait fishing with chunk baits is popular here at those times. The lights along the docks of the adjacent marina attract baitfish and school-size bass after dark; those fish also work along the beach and this spot is popular with fly anglers for that reason. At one end of the parking lot is a small boat ramp and a small bridge that leads out to the ultra private island – resist the temptation to walk over the bridge and fish this area! However, you can easily wade both the shoreline of the harbor along the island where the fishing can be quite good for bass and blues using swimmers, surface lures and especially soft plastics. Because of very heavy boat traffic and use of the ramp this edge of the harbor should be fished late at night.

Tide Chart

Location:  Emmons Road, off Shore Road.

Parking: Large, paved lot behind beach and marina area. Parking for Bourne residents only, which is vigorously enforced in the summer during daylight hours. Free of charge and open to all in the spring and fall.

Access: Easy. Beachfront is directly adjacent to parking lot.