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Join us each week as Capt. Dave Peros combines his own experience on the water with that of his network of Cape Cod & Islands charter captains, recreational fishermen and tackle shops to create the region’s most comprehensive weekly fishing report.

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We post our weekly reports on Thursday or Friday, depending on the team’s fishing schedule. Email Sign Here!



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Cape Cod Weekly Fishing Reports: June 22-28

Cape Cod Weekly Fishing Reports: June 22-28

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Salty Cape Podcast:

Catch this weeks episode of The Dave and Mike Show! Dave and Mike discuss fishing reports & dive into techniques, tips, fishing etiquette, walks down memory lane, and a fair amount of chop-busting!

PodCast: Summary

  • 🎣 Fishing Reports: Captain Mike and Captain Dave discuss their fishing activities over the past week, highlighting trips to Monomoy, Nantucket, and Vineyard Sound.
  • 🌊 Windy Conditions: Reports of unexpected strong winds impacting fishing conditions, with advice on handling sporty weather.
  • 🐟 Monomoy Success: Monomoy received high praise for its abundance of life, with sand eels, squid, and striped bass creating a vibrant ecosystem.
  • 🐠 Techniques and Lures: Insights into using surface erasers, slow retrieve techniques, and the versatility of different lures, including soft plastics and topwater plugs.
  • 🔄 Adjusting to Conditions: Emphasis on adapting to environmental factors, including wind, tides, and bait movement to improve fishing success.
  • 🦑 Squid Season: Observations on the abundance of juvenile squid and their impact on the fishing ecosystem.
  • 🚤 Fishing Gear: Discussion on the importance of carrying the right gear, including foul weather gear for open boats, and keeping tackle simple yet effective.
  • 🧪 Scientific Collaboration: Collaboration with scientists from UMass Amherst to gather data and improve fishing practices.
  • 🔁 Catch and Release: Techniques for ensuring healthy fish release, including using single hooks and keeping fish in the water during de-hooking.
  • 💬 Fishing Etiquette and Tips: Tips on fishing etiquette, particularly in crowded areas like the canal, and advice for both novice and experienced anglers.

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Cape Cod Fishing Reports Part 1: The Summary


Fishing in the rips around Monomoy has been productive, despite challenging conditions. The team managed to catch four bass between 28.5 and 34 inches. The key lures were the amber Hogy Charter Grade Popper and the bone/white Dog Walker XL. The wind made the waters rough, but fish were still biting during slack tide, with plenty of birds and bass feeding on sand eels.

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How To: Striper Fishing 3 Ways – Walk The Dog, Vertical Jigging, Site Casting

How To: Striper Fishing 3 Ways – Walk The Dog, Vertical Jigging, Site Casting

Effective Striper Fishing Techniques: Insights from Captain Ray Jarvis

Introduction Fishing for striped bass can be an exhilarating experience, especially when equipped with the right techniques and knowledge. Captain Ray Jarvis from Salt of the Earth Sport Fishing shares valuable insights and strategies for successful striper fishing, focusing on three main techniques: walking the dog, vertical jigging, and site casting.

Understanding Fish Behavior and Tidal Influence

Following the Tide and Bait

Striped bass, like many fish species, follow the tides and bait movements. Captain Ray emphasizes the importance of covering ground and following the tide to locate fish. Fish migrate in waves, and finding a biomass often leads to more successful catches. Observing the tide and bait movement helps in predicting where the fish might be.

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