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Join us each week as Capt. Dave Peros combines his own experience on the water with that of his network of Cape Cod & Islands charter captains, recreational fishermen and tackle shops to create the region’s most comprehensive weekly fishing report.

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Filmed Last Week: Summer Sea Bass | Jigging | No Bait

How To: Summer Sea Bass | Jigging | No Bait


  • Fishing Location and Conditions: Ground fishing in Vineyard Sound during Fourth of July weekend, targeting big black sea bass. Fishing deeper water structures and drop-offs for better catches. 00:00:12
  • The Approach: Using long drifts over deeper valleys and micro rips, focusing on wind and tide for optimal drift trajectories. 00:01:20
  • Adjustments: Making short moves to reset drifts when quality of fish changes or when encountering unwanted species like small scup or sea robins. 00:02:12
  • Gear and Setup: Using a 7ft hybrid inshore/offshore spinning rod with heavy jigs (8-12 oz) for deep water fishing, targeting a mix of groundfish like sea bass, scup, and occasionally fluke. 00:04:13
  • Jigging Technique: Slow jigging with Hogy 8.5oz Squinnow jig and Jig Biki teasers, creating a food chain effect to attract groundfish. Adjusting for wind and tide to maintain vertical presentation in 95ft of water. 00:06:14
  • Lure Selection: Using 8.5oz Hogy Squinnow jigs designed to mimic crabs and lobsters, common prey for bottom dwellers. Emphasizing a clean boat and avoiding the use of natural bait. 00:08:14
  • Handling and Releasing Fish: Properly handling fish to avoid harm, especially when dealing with species like scup and sea bass. Using gear that allows for effective catch and release. 00:10:16

Rod and Reel Setup: Highlighting the use of The Hogy Hybrid Inshore/Offshore Spinning rod, a parabolic “soft” action rod, re-purposed from Heavy Duty Inshore striper fishing and Light Tackle Offshore fishing with 65 lb test braid, and 65 lb test leader. The prod perfectly handled the heavy inshore groundfish jigs with plenty of bend to enjoy the sea bass fishing. 00:12:18

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Filmed Last Week: Monomoy | Topwater Rips | Micro Topwaters

Salty TV 2024: Monomoy | Topwater Rips | Micro Topwaters


  • 🎣 Challenging Weather Conditions: Despite an underestimation of the wind forecast, the team navigates breezy conditions and an incoming tide.
    • The forecast underestimated the wind.
    • Conditions were breezy with a developing incoming tide.
  • 🐟 Monomoy’s Rich Ecosystem: Monomoy is highlighted for its diverse marine life and excellent fishing spots.
    • Known for a variety of fish including stripers, seabass, and fluke.
    • Features different structures and techniques due to its varied environment.
  • 🌊 Techniques for Success: Detailed strategies for fishing in the rips, focusing on casting and positioning.
    • Importance of positioning the boat correctly using engine assistance.
    • Techniques such as “fishing the swing” and using the “twitch twitch pause pause” retrieve.
  • 🎣 Effective Lures: Explanation of the effectiveness of the Hogy surface erasers in different conditions.
    • Surface erasers mimic squid and are versatile for various retrieves.
    • Tips on using colors like translucent amber and pink for squid.
  • 🚤 Navigating the Rips: Tips on repositioning in the rips to maintain peak fishing action.
    • Move back up the rip to avoid spooking fish and other anglers.
    • Maintain a safe distance from other boats.
  • 📏 Fish Handling and Conservation: Emphasis on proper handling of striped bass for conservation purposes.
    • Supporting the fish by its belly when measuring.
    • Logging measurements for the Mass DMF citizen science project.

      Monomoy Topwater Rips – Casting for Striped Bass


      Monomoy, a renowned fishing area located off Cape Cod, offers a unique and rich ecosystem ideal for a variety of fishing techniques and species. This article explores the strategies and insights shared by C. Mike from Salty TV, focusing on topwater fishing for striped bass using Hogy lures.

      Understanding Monomoy’s Ecosystem

      Monomoy is not just a single spot but a collection of areas including Stone Horse, Round Shoal, and Little Round Shoal. The region is characterized by a confluence of warm and cold waters, creating an ideal habitat for diverse marine life. This mix supports various baitfish such as sand eels, herring, and squid, making it a prime location for predators like striped bass, seabass, and fluke.

      Techniques for Success

      Positioning and Repositioning

      Positioning the boat correctly is crucial when fishing the rips at Monomoy. The technique involves using engine assistance to stem the tide, allowing for controlled drifts through the rips. This method ensures the bait mimics the natural movement of prey, making it more enticing to predators.

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Cape Cod Weekly Fishing Reports: June 29 – July 5

Salty Cape Podcast:

Catch this weeks episode of The Dave and Mike Show! Dave and Mike discuss fishing reports & dive into techniques, tips, fishing etiquette, walks down memory lane, and a fair amount of chop-busting!


The fishing conditions off Chatham and Monomoy remained productive throughout the week despite challenging winds. Anglers found success trolling a variety of plugs and soft plastics, particularly around the Handkerchief and Stonehorse rips. The size of the bass varied significantly, with many fish in the mid-20 to high-20 inch range, and occasional larger fish up to 36 inches. Smaller bass were more common, but the occasional larger fish were caught using lead core line and jigging techniques. Bob Lewis and his crew, including Olivia Dinkelacker, conducted catch-and-release studies focusing on the behavior and recovery of striped bass, noting fluctuating sizes which suggest different schools moving through the area.

Relevant Video: How-To: Casting Big Topwater Plugs for Striped Bass

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