Capt. Mike Hogan


How-To Find Your Own Tuna Bite

There’s nothing better than finding a pod of tuna in open water and having it all to yourself. But, I have noticed over the years how focused anglers have become on reports seemingly to a point where it might be counterproductive. Here are a few thoughts on how anglers can ditch the reports on and invent their own bites.


How To: Jig n’ Pop for Bluefin Tuna on Cape Cod

It’s amazing how the tuna fishery has changed as a result stronger and lighter outfits, stronger casting lures, fish finding technology and frankly, the word of mouth with the internet. It’s a welcome change for me. Here’s why.


Top 6 Things About Fishing June!

The days are long and the Stripers are close. With early mornings and late sunsets, it is very easy to fish around your work schedule. With kids still in school and sports in full crank, easy access is definitely a good this.


How To: Fishing with Sand Eel Jigs

The Sand Eel jig is a particularly deadly sand eel imitation. It has replaced the classic diamond jig for many anglers in Cape Cod Bay and Monomoy Shoals. It can be fished fast or slow while jigging but it is also an effective casting lure. The jig can be used on tuna, stripers and albies depending on how you rig it.