How-To: Fishing Peaked Hill Bar for Tuna #435

Fishing Peaked Hill Bar for Tuna #435

Peaked Hill Bar is a shoal just around the corner from Race Point. Boats refer to the bar and often speak about fishing “on” or “off” the bar but in general, this means they were fishing the area in deeper water in front of the bar area. Peaked Hill Bar is fun in that you can experience epic tuna fishing just a couple miles from shore. It’s fairly deep at Peaked Hill Bar and I have had my best tuna fishing there in about 250-feet of water in the fall.

A word to the wide regarding the “back side” of the Cape: most approach from ramps and marinas on the south shore or along the north side of Cape Cod. The dominant summer wind pattern is SW, which means a calm, early morning half hour/hour run will get you to the grounds and can be calm, even in deeper water, where you are often fishing in the lee especially when wind is with the tide. With the back side currents, some of the strongest on Cape Cod, the push and pull of the wind and the tidal currents can turn from uncomfortable to dangerous very quickly when the tide turns against the wind and you have 20 to 40 miles to run back to your launch point. All this to say, seamanship, discipline and an eye on the water conditions are necessary to have a successful back side trip.

  • Peaked Hill Coordinates 42°5.339′ N, 70°9.796′ W