Ryders Cove Ramp #661


Comments: Congestion can be a problem here during commercial striped bass and bluefin tuna season.

Location: At the end of Ryders Cove Road.

Fees and parking: Chatham requires non-residents to get a “ramp use” permit from the Harbormaster’s Office to use this single ramp from July 6 to September 30, but there is no on-site non-resident parking at any time in the adjacent parking lot. Non-resident parking is limited to parking along Old Comers Road, with some folks carrying a bike in their vehicle to make what can be the long trip back to the ramp a bit shorter.

Fuel: Fuel for sale at Ryders Cove Boatyard adjacent to the ramp.

Additional information:  Ryder’s Cove Boatyard features a ship’s store, service technicians seven days a week, ice and snacks for sale, and transient dockage.

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